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The Bureau invites eligible Bidders having Grade 6 and above with WWC or GWWC for the execution of Civil Works …


  • Project: Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Country: The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • Contract Title: Civil Works construction, Supply & Installation of Pipes & Fittings and Transportation & Installation of Electro-mechanical Equipments
  • Credit No. IDA-64450

1. The Government of Ethiopia has received a Credit/Grant from different financers (WB, KOICA, DFID, AfDB, UNICEF, the Government of Finland) including the share of the government toward the cost of Water Supply and Sanitation Projects of OWNP-CWA phase II and use proceeds of this Credit/Grant to payments under the contracts for Civil Works Construction, Supply & Installation of Pipes & Fittings and Transportation and Installation of Electromechanical equipment of Rural water supply projects in different Zones of Oromia National Regional State.

2. The Oromia National Regional Government Water and Energy Bureau now, therefore, invites sealed bid from eligible Bidders having Grade 6 and above with WWC or GWWC registration license (for bidders, for the execution of the projects described below.

ZoneDistrictProject NameContract Number
ArsiShanan KoluBirbirsa KuneET-Oromia WERDB-266133-CW-RFB
West ArsiGadab HasasaWakchilaET-Oromia WERDB-266154-CW-RFB
West ArsiGadab HasasaHindheti BurkituET-Oromia WERDB-266213-CW-RFB
West ArsiKofaleWege WeluET-Oromia WERDB-266215-CW-RFB
West ArsiSiraroDongoro BonkoyaET-Oromia WERDB-266299-CW-RFB
BaleBerbereGoro BurchoET-Oromia WERDB-266159-CW-RFB
BaleSinanaOboraET-Oromia WERDB-266160-CW-RFB
East BaleSawenaWangaya Hara KadirET-Oromia WERDB-266170-CW-RFB
East HarergeBedenoIlili DarartuET-Oromia WERDB-266176-CW-RFB
East HarergeDederBurka GabaET-Oromia WERDB-266178-CW-RFB
East HarergeDederYatuET-Oromia WERDB-266179-CW-RFB
East HarergeGirawaTokuma JalalaET-Oromia WERDB-266181-CW-RFB
East ShoaAdamaCheka HurufaET-Oromia WERDB-266183-CW-RFB
Southwest ShoaSeden SodoTole Balakas ET-Oromia WERDB-266184-CW-RFB 
North ShoaDeraKoluET-Oromia WERDB-266189-CW-RFB
North ShoaWuchaleWeserbiET-Oromia WERDB-266198-CW-RFB
East WallagaLimuLaliET-Oromia WERDB-266199-CW-RFB
Horo Guduru wallagaJima RareIbsa Ilamu ET-Oromia WERDB-266205-CW-RFB 
Kelam wallagaDale wabaraDenta Chabel ET-Oromia WERDB-266208-CW-RFB 
West WallagaBoji ChokorsaSibu EbichaET-Oromia WERDB-266210-CW-RFB
West GujiGelanaKoboET-Oromia WERDB-266211-CW-RFB
West shoaIlu Gelanwedeyi GirancheET-Oromia WERDB-266305-CW-RFB
West shoaMida kegnJarsoET-Oromia WERDB-266308-CW-RFB
Ilu Abba BoraAlge SachiAda KutiET-Oromia WERDB-266309-CW-RFB
Ilu Abba BoraAlleBoren KachiET-Oromia WERDB-266311-CW-RFB
Ilu Abba BoraBureGeba ArbiET-Oromia WERDB-266313-CW-RFB
Ilu Abba BoraBureKufiET-Oromia WERDB-266321-CW-RFB

3.Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures as specified in the World Bank’s Procurement Regulation for IDF Borrowers July 2016, Revised Nov. 2016 and August 2018 and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the Procurement Guidelines.

4. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Oromia Water & Energy Bureau, One WaSH National Program Implementation Unit and inspect the bidding documents during office hours 8:30A.M. to 5:30 P.M. at the address given below.

5. Domestic Bidders shall have valid Business License, VAT Certificate & work permit in the sector of water from Ministry of Water & Energy or Federal Construction Regulation Authority or Regional Construction Authorities.

6. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested eligible bidders upon the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of ETB 500.00 (Five Hundred) in cash.

7. Bids must be delivered to the address below on or before Feb 28/2022 10:00 AM (4:00 local time). Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of the bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who choose to attend at the address below on Feb 28/2022 at 10:30 AM (4:30 local time).

8. Bid must be accompanied by a Bid Security of 1% (one percent) of bid price including VAT by the name of Oromia Water & Energy Bureau.

9. The Bureau reserves the right to accept or reject all or parts of the bid.

10. The address(es) referred to above is(are):

Adress: Oromia Water & Energy Bureau, One

WaSH National Program Implementation Unit,

Bole Road around Olympia next to Admas

University Olympia Campus on Amina Building 2nd Floor Room No. 208.

P.O.Box: 8630

Tel. 011 557 1306/1274/78/,

Fax: 011 557 1298/99


The Ethiopian Herald: Friday January 28, 2022     

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