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The University invites all eligible bidders for the construction of Dormitory blocks, Seminar and Department …


Dambi Dollo University has approved the budget for the construction of 1, Lot 1 Two Dormitory blocks 2, Lot-2 Seminar and Department head Block, 3, Lot-3 One Dormitory Block A, Lot 4 two lecture hall blocks and Lot-5 Water Supply Project at Dambi Dollo University-Main Campus so we invite eligible bidders to participate on a bid for construction of stated blocks who fulfill the following criteria,

  1. Now Dambi Dollo University invites wax-sealed from all eligible bidders to all national GC\BC 3 or Above For Lot-1 and 2. GC/BC -4 and above For Lot-3, GC/BC-5 or above for lot 4 and WWC 1 0R- GC1 For Lot-5 that shall submit a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Urban Development, housing and construction and from the Ministry of Water and Energy minister that valid for the current budget year (2014 E.C or 2021/2022 G.C) and who have renewed their trade license for the current fiscal year, have VAT registration, lave Tin Number, Tax clearance during the bidding period from a concerned government body.
  2. Bidding documents can be purchased from Dambi Dollo University for non-refundable 1000.00(one thousand Birr) at working hours starting from 21/05/2014 EC and mode of payment is bank transfer to Dambi Dollo University Internal Revenue Account 1000231496029 and the bank slip is submitted.
  3. Bid must be in companied bid security of Birr 500.000.00( Five hundred thousand) for Lot-1,2,3 and 5, 100,000.00(One hundred Thousand ) for Lot-4. The bid security can be in the form of CFO or Unconditional bank guarantee and shall be delivered to the university in the original technical documents or in wax-sealed separately. The envelopes of the bid security shall be signed by the bidder
  4. The bid security that’s submitted by the bidder have to have the exact name the employer validity period and the exact name of the lot that the bidder participated on. Failure or doing so makes automatic rejection from the bid.
  5. Submittal or any forged technical document by the bidder, if proven would entail serious criminal accountability and the bid security could be fortified.
  6. Technical and financial documents must be prepared in original and copied in a properly signed and stamped, separately wax-sealed clearly marked “Original” and “copy”
  7. All the original and technical document shall be put in bigger outer envelopes and it has to be signed, stamped and sealed.
  8. The late bids will be automatically rejected.
  9. The contractor currently working in the Dambi Dollo University, whose both physical and financial progress is less than 70%( Seventy Percent) did not participate on this bid.
  10. The bid is submitted in Dambi Dollo University starting from 21/05/2014 E.C
  11. The deadline for the submission is 11/06/2014 E.C up to 8.00 PM local time (At the afternoon) in Dambi Dollo University Procurement Directorate Office.
  12. The Bid is opened on 11/06/2014 EC at 8.15 PM (Afternoon) at Dambi Dollo University Procurement directorate.
  13. the results of the financial evaluation shall be notified with an internal notice board.
  14. Misplacing of documents would be a cause for rejection of the bid document,
  15. One bidder can participate only on one lot.
  16. The proposed Completion time is 570 calendar days for Lot-1 and 2.450 for Lot-3,365 for Lot 1 and 5.
  17. Dambi Dollo University reserves the full right to reject any or all Bids.

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