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ArtMetal Wrought Iron Works and Supply

ArtMetal Wrought Iron Works and Supply is the first professional wrought iron design and production company in Ethiopia.

ArtMetal Wrought Iron Works and Supply

We are specialized in the production and supply of:

  • forged steel components
  • cast iron components
  • balustrades
  • hand rail components
  • window and door grills
  • wrought iron furniture components
  • and many other similar products.

Our company is also exceptional in the design and installation of artistically made fences, main gates, railings, garden furniture, various household items and other products made with the assembling of different components.

Our products are designed in artistic way, forged to perfection, crafted with care, assembled in decorative method, and made available to the market as artistic iron products. Our ornamental steel products are the prime choices of the market in Addis Ababa as well as throughout the country.

Contractors, real estate developers, different institutions, individual house builders, metal welding shops are among the customers who have made us their preferred supplier of wrought iron components and assembled products.

We use the latest technology in the design, production, assembling, painting and installation of our wrought iron products. We have the highest quality material and experienced professionals to serve our customers.

Our passions for perfection of the products we sell as well as the highest standards we set to achieve in our endeavor are guarantees to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our factory is located in Sebeta district, at the industrial area of Alemgena town.

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