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AYJEF Water Works and Business Service PLC

AYJEF Water Works and Business Service PLC is a private limited company established by professional associates with very rich experience in water supply study, design, and supervision, project evaluation, baseline survey, as well as organizational management and financial management. The founders of the company have an excellent track record of undertaking developmental research, designing and constructing water supply systems, irrigation, facilitating training, and other hydro-engineering and management-related activities.

AYJEF Water Works and Business Service PLC has accreditation certificates consisting of Eligibility Certificates from the Ministry of Water and Energy (as represented by Oromia Bureau of Water, Mineral, and Energy), Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI), and value-added tax (VAT) registration certificates from Revenue and Customs Authority (the former ERCA). Thus, it is the dynamic firm as all bound to the required nature of the businesses under operations, and being registered among under such services suppliers list in Ethiopia.

The company is legally registered as a private limited company with a license issued by the Trade and Industry Bureau of Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City, Addis Ababa. The firm obtained its legal entity status in 2010, with principal registration number 08/2/27310/03 and service license number 08/2/3/24542/03. The trade license issued is in light of offering services of conducting Water Works Consultancy and Management Consultancy.


The company’s principles and values include:

  • Result based management
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Quality professional and /or technical services
  • Staff commitment and dedication
  • Creativity of staff


AYJEF Water Works and Business Service PLC aspires to see itself to be an efficient, effective, and competent consultancy service providing firm on waterworks and other development activities.


AYJEF Water Works and Business Service PLC intends to provide professional Consultancy services to implementing agents on waterworks and other development activities. To attain these mottos, the company makes use of qualified experienced & relevant staff and adopts result-based management and participatory approaches; and focuses on effective and efficient services.


The strategic objectives of the company have emanated from its overall mission. As a result, the major objectives of the company include:

  • To produce standardized study based/ research based documents so as to enable the clientele make use of it accordingly,
  • To improve implementation and management capacity of implementing agents through provision of consultancy services/ technical supports for the same,
  • To improve implementation and management capacity of implementing agents through provision of feasible and timely trainings/capacity building.

The firm has required human as well as capital resources with a head office at Addis Ababa, composing multi-disciplinary teams of associate professionals and support staff. The firm has employees equipped with all relevant equipment, working computer hard wares, soft wares, and the like to carry out all projects and operations or the lateral services with sufficient availability and management. In addition, it has a 1HZ Field Car (Long Base) with plate number A00431AA. AYJEF Water Works and Business Service PLC exists to help its clients realize the best future that they aspire to become or achieve by providing the utmost quality services possible with a great sense of responsibility, integrity, and accountability to our clients and the public at large.


  • Feasibility study and detail design of water supply and sanitation projects
  • Study and design of climate resilient water resource planning, feasibility study and detail design of water supply and small scale irrigation project
  • Feasibility study and detail design of small scale irrigation projects (diversion weir, micro earth dam, pump irrigation systems)
  • Contract administration and Construction supervision
  • Water well drilling, construction, pumping test and rehabilitation supervision
  • Capacity building
  • Solar and wind water pumping study and design works to replace diesel driven water supply system
  • Mid Term and Terminal Evaluation of Water and Sanitation Projects
  • Water Resources potential evaluation and mapping (i.e. hydrological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and geophysical investigations and mapping)
  • Natural resources management study, preparation of conservation plan and strategy design
  • Land use mapping and land suitability evaluation/analysis
  • Socio-economic study and baseline survey
  • Participatory Geographic information System (GIS) & Remote Sensing (RS) applications
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • Training and research in the areas of water resources, water supply management and environment
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