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Belt General Business PLC

Belt General Business PLC has engaged in Steel & UPVC casing, G.S, and DCI pipes and fittings, generator, and pump supply and installation.

Belt General Business PLC

We also import and supply laboratory instrument for water development. Supplying good quality products and services, we are the perfect partner in progress for both local and international clients.

We established in 2000, Belt has already secured the highest share in the market because of the deep trust it earned from its clients for its efficiency and quality products.

We engage on importing

  • Water pumps
  • Jet pumps for deep wells
  • Stainless steel submersible sewage pumps
  • Pool pump
  • Stainless steel garden submersible pump
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Diesel; engine 495Ag
  • Gasoline generator and diesel generator
  • Construction machinery
  • Vibrator engine hose

We are pleased to have internationally high-profile partners and suppliers which are leading in quality and efficiency, working with the latest technology plants and sophisticated testing equipment.
Some our partners are Rama Steel Tubes Ltd, Good Luck Steel Tubes Ltd, Qingado Valtech Manufacturing Co. Ltd, National Plastic and Building, Materials Industries L.L.C, Shanxi Guangua Casting Pipe Co. Ltd, Lianyungang Water Meter Co. Ltd.


We make every effort to provide efficient and customer-focused domestic and international services and products based on the application of appropriate technology.


We strive to be the number one importer in water, agricultural and construction industry materials in East Africa

Why us?

We are striving to support the implementation of the country’s development plans by legally engaging in the water sector activities thereby ensuring the socio-economic progress. We highly contribute to the development of the country’s water resources by investing in the business area that is not sufficiently covered by both the state and the private sector.

Our Target Customers

  • Water Pump Distributors
  • General Construction And Agricultural Materials Distributors
  • Retailers

BELT General Business Plc

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