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Dani Granite Paint and General Finishing Works

Dani Granite Paint and General Finishing Works offers Granite painting work (የግራናይት ቀለም ስራ), Contacextra painting work (ኮንቴክስትራ የተሰኝ የቀለም ስራ), Stone painting work (እስቶን(የድንጋይ) ቀለም ስራ), Stone granite painting work (እስቶን ግራናይት ቀለም ስራ), Dubai quartz work (የዱባይ ኳርትዝ ስራ), Faux Decor painting work (የፋዎክስ ዲኮር ቀለም ቅብ ስራ ), Safari painting work (የሳፋር ቀለም ቅብ ስራ), Plain panting work (የፕሌን ቀለም ቅብ ስራ), Damos and Perlato panting work (.ዳሞስ እና የፐርላቶ ቀለም ቅብ ስራ), Epoxy panting work (ኢፖክሲ ቀለም ቅብ ስራ)

Dani Granite Paint and General Finishing Works

Dani Granite Paint and General Finishing Works is a a sole proprietorship company that runs by the name of Daniel Eshetu as a general manager, which issued under commercial registration and business license on September 2002 E.C, by the Addis Ababa city administration trade bureau.

The company has professional employees in the office and also many skilled labor on the site. With a strict supervision system, the company ensures the workers’ professional improvement.

By meeting our customers’ demand, we are determined to be one of the eminent granite and painting workers beyond Ethiopia.

We are committed to supplying a quality product, and strive to high-rated service giving to make the shining pearl in the building finishing market in Ethiopia.

Granite painting

We do our granite paintings with the appropriate stepladders that keep our work high-standard. Make sure that the wall is well plastered and thereby report it to the concerned body. All the necessary inputs and materials shall be mobilized to the building site within a period of one week after upon the reception of advance payment. Once the necessary inputs and materials are mobilized to the construction site, the actual work of the project shall be commenced within 2-3 days.In the beginning, to undertake filling activities with a gray color waterproof material, to mend the crack on the wall with fiber mesh by informing the fact that the wall would be deformed or wave if other spots other than the crack is going to be mended.

As soon as the work of gray putty is completed, the work of white putty shall be continued.After the completion of the work describe herein above the wave or the deformed part will be polished with scratched paper 120 or 0 with the labor of casual workers. Moreover, polishing and cleaning other defects on the wall so as to make it ready for the next procedure/job. Using water we need to and then making sure that the wall is well cleaned, we start painting the wall with glue paint known as “F”.In consultation with is the client, the preferred color of granite paint of domestic product named “D” shall be painted. This will help as a background of the wall paint. “Z” or the main granite paint shall be sprayed with the help of compressor. Just upon the completion of spraying granite, the sticker on the strip shall be stripped off.Black strip shall be made on the wall in conformity with the interior and exterior design of the house. Varnish oil shall be painted on the wall so that it can shine and perhaps rainwater can easily flow down on the wall. Finally, upon the successful completion of the work, we deliver the work of the project to the client along with

Dani Granite Paint and General Finishing Works

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