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Diriba Defersha General Contractor

Diriba Defersha General Contractor is a Grade One (GC-1)established in 1998GC which is licensed in Ethiopia with its head office in Addis Ababa and a branch office in Adama town, with sufficient capacity for our worker and fully furnished. Furthermore, the branch office in Adama with a total area of 1600m2 is used for maintenance work shop, production of precast units for construction works and central ware house.

Diriba Defersha General Contractor

The company’s main objective is to provide Engineering services mainly Road Construction, Railway Construction, Water Works, Air Field Construction, Real Estate Development, Building, and Maintenance Works.

Company Vision Mission

To be the best, reliable and competitive Construction Company and a General contractor of first choice in the Country and in the world. We are dedicated in providing competitive Construction in quality, cost, time and environmentally friendly by providing the best construction service; through engaging highly motivated, skilled, and productive employees as well as advanced technology.

Our Company Values

  • We value Quality, Cost, Time and Customer Satisfaction in Construction Sector
  • We strive for a continual Learning Company
  • We believe in participatory work, Team spirit and Respect for Employee
  • We abide by the rules and regulation of the country
  • We work towards the growth and transformation of the country

Why Choose Us?

The company’s management is organized based on modern management concept to enable the company to be one of the most competent firm in the industry, which can be witnessed in our experience starting from its establishment to date.

Our company is highly committed to deliver projects at the best quality within a reasonable time frame, so that our clients can use the project for the intended purpose without creating any delay on their programs. Diriba Defersha General Contractor strength is highly hinged on qualified and well experienced personnel at its head office and project level, who are well acquainted with the modern and appropriate technologies in their field of expertise, and on its equipment.

Our Services:

Road Construction

The majority of DDGC road and highway projects are located in most regional cities of Ethiopia, and DDGC has gained specialist knowledge and considerable working experience of the particular conditions for road Construction in a large variety of countries with climates from arctic over temperate to tropical.

Building Construction

To meet the cultural, social, and physical requirements of the residents, and to provide a safe dwelling to shelter them from the hazards that may impact from their environment, a house must be properly designed. A safe house must be based on a strong foundation and therefore this must be given primary attention. House structure is like the skeleton to the body. If it is strong, it protects the whole house.

Railway Construction

Rail construction is completed over six major stages which include; Embankment and bridge construction, laying concrete sleepers, laying the rail, Ballast, Settling the rail and installing over-head equipment. We can do these like no other.

Water Works

The design of a water supply system or treatment process encompasses a broad area. The system including the water source and treatment facilities shall be designed for maximum day demand at the design. Design shall consider;  functional aspects of the plant layout, provisions for future plant expansion; provisions for expansion of the plant waste treatment and disposal facilities; access roads; site grading; site drainage; walks; driveways; chemical delivery we can deliver these.

Air Field Construction

We have a reach and experienced team that can handle almost anything. Using this team we have done and continue to do works that will make us grown even more. Teltele Air Field being one of the air fields we have constructed.

Real Estate Development

Requirements of the residents have been growing from time to time and to meet these demands we need to create a place where people can say yes is my house. We will make sure people say that.

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