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Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation

The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) is a newly established public enterprise with the authorized capital of Birr 20.3 billion; on December 18/2015 based on council of Ministers Regulation No. 366/2015.

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation

ECWC is governed by the Public Enterprises Proclamation No.25/1992. Its supervising authority is The Ministry of Public Enterprises and its policy-making body is the Board of the Corporation whose members are appointed by the government selected from different organizations. The headquarters of the corporation is located in the city of Addis Ababa, around Gured Shola. It is head by a Chief Excutive Officer (CEO).

The corporation is a result of the amalgamation of two formerly independent public enterprises, namely the Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation and the Ethiopian Water Works Construction Enterprise.

While it is a recent phenomenon, which is established on December 18/2015, its history part of the history of the above mentioned former enterprises and hence can be traced back to the late 1940s ane early 1950s.

At that time the Imperial Government of Ethiopia was convinced to establish a Road Agency solely responsible for rehabilitating/ restoring and expanding the road network throughout the country. Accordingly, in 1951 the Imperial Highway Authority (IHA) was established to plan, design, construct, and maintain roads.

Since then, the Authority has been reestablished and re structured many times. These reestablishments enlarged responsibility of the Authority’s operational body (the former Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation from July 2011 – December 2015) by expanding its task to incorporate the construction of Airports, Sea ports, Railways, and Municipal Roads.

Therefore during the past 65 years the operational wing of the Authority has been constructed over 21 Asphat road projects, 45 gravel road projects, 5 airportsand air strips and 5 dams as well as mentained almos all road networks of the country.

In addition to this from July 2011 – December 2015 the following asphalt road construction projects were constructed by the the former Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation.

On the other hand the history of Ethiopian Water Works Construction enterprise startearly 1940s. Around 1948 the Water Resource Agency was established under the then Ministry of public works. At this stage through an American aid program a project named “Point four” was founded which dealt exclusively with rural water well drilling activities. Its name was then Rural Operation. After some time in connection with the study of the Blue Nile Basin (through the assistance of the American Government) “Hydrology section” was established, and became the second section in water sector.

This sector, like the road sector, re structured and re established many times. For many years this water works construction sector undertaking construction of Dams, Irrigation and Drainage Networks; Water supply and sewerage networks; Construction of roads and buildings; Land Reclamation; sea ports and many other different activities.

Especially starting from 1994 38 potable water projects, 8 road construction projects, 13 dam and irrigation projects, 4 buildings and 6 different civil work construction projects have been constructed by the former of Ethiopian Water Works Construction enterprise.


To be a worldwide competent construction company by 2026


By using skilled manpower and modern technology, delivering quality construction works both domestically and overseas, assembling construction machineries, and equipment, manufacturing spare parts as well as acquiring, owning and administering dams constructed by the government, collecting charges from the beneficiaries of such dams and expanding such development activities.


Our core values are:-

  • Quality First
  • Team Work

Area of Business

  • Water Infrastructure Construction
  • Transport Infrastructure Construction
  • Building Infrastructure Construction
  • Irrigation-Dams-Deep Water wells
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