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Façade-Tech Solution PLC

Facade-Tech Solution PLC is a company in Ethiopia that delivers durable, high-performance, energy-efficient, sustainable aluminum facades solutions that maximize the performance of both materials and systems technology.

For architects, we bring visions to life in virtually any design or material. For building owners, we bring projects in on time and within budget. For both, we offer a single-source solution that simplifies and streamlines the design, testing, fabrication, and installation process for new construction, retrofit, or renovation of commercial and industrial structures. 

When you work with Facade-Tech Solution PLC, you gain the advantage of full-service project management, and the benefit of professionals who are highly experienced, performance-driven, and proud of the work they do. Our team of construction experts manages everything from design support to materials fabrication, Building Information Modeling (BIM), full-scale mock-up testing, pre-construction planning, construction management, installation, maintenance, and more.

Our unrivaled team has a wealth of experience working closely with Architects, Contractors, and Clients to develop project solutions from their earliest concepts. We are committed to injecting innovation into new product development to ensure our products and services meet the most exacting engineering and technical standards whilst overcoming sophisticated design challenges.

In any of our projects, we will be teamed up with the Client, the General Contractor, the Architects Consulting Engineer, and other sub-contractors to jointly develop detailed specifications and workable schedules. We understand the relationship between your project and our performance is directly linked; therefore, our aim is to meet the needs for professional quality construction requirements, that are on time and within budget.


To be one of the worlds’ leading facade engineering and fabrication companies and help our clients get the best of facade and fabrication technology.


We strive to be nothing less than a successful, growing company, a preferred employer, and a recognized leader in our façade engineering world.

Our mission is to utilize the expertise and experience we currently possess so that, in a continuously evolutionary industry, to provide superior and tailor-made solutions and enhancements that are proven to drive our clients’ reputation and sales. We thereby ensure that we represent the company of “First Choice” for our clients.

Our Team members had active participation and a key role in the construction of major Building Facade supply and installation projects located in Addis Ababa. The key roles are: Engineering division Manager, Operation Manager, Design and Estimation Manager, Office and Contract Administrations


As a company and as individuals:

  • We are committed to conducting business honestly and openly, adhering to the highest ethical standards.
  • We are committed to our client’s success and we are responsive to their needs by offering flawless services without compromises to quality.
  • We encourage motivation, dedication and performance to be core ingredients of our corporate culture.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders by honoring our commitments, providing excellent results, meeting deadlines and respecting our values

We, Facade-Tech Solution PLC, pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable and cost-efficient service providers for Façade Engineering, Aluminium Systems Design, and aluminum custom design.

Our team of experienced and highly qualified life-learning professionals remains constantly posted with all the industry’s latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure that every project meets firstly our high expectations. In this way, we secure the satisfaction of our valued clients.

Our team of engineers is always dedicated to meeting our ever-increasing clients’ needs.


Facade Engineering

  • System or concept design
  • Structural calculation and reports
  • Shop drawings and working drawings
  • Material estimations
  • Fabrication, installation, as-built drawings

Facade Design / Consultancy Services

  • Concept design
  • Develop design
  • Preparation of Requirements
  • Tender Review
  • Professional Inspection and Material
  • Testing

Supply and Installation Service

  • Aluminum framed windows, doors
  • Curtain walls, wall Claddings
  • Railings, skylights, sun-breakers,
  • Glass walls, partitions, louvers

We support our clients in applying for particular façade projects. We advise on the selection of materials and design, cost estimates, the selection of suitable suppliers and subcontractors, and the development of a technically viable solution.

We study façade concepts with detailed solutions and technical feasibility that will respect the project’s design standards and architect’s intents.

Analysis and calculations of static requirements of profiles, glazing, cladding, fixings, etc in 2 or 3 dimensions. Evidence is provided n the basis of the applicable international or national standards.
We undertake to define exactly the materials to be used, their quality criteria, and how they should be processed. We supply all planning documents for the construction of the planned

We undertake to define exactly the materials to be used, their quality criteria, and how they should be processed. We supply all planning documents for the construction of the planned facades.


Our team consists of highly qualified engineers, specialists in façade engineering, aluminum systems design, and custom extrusions design. The team’s vast experience enables us, to identify the exact need, mobilize the appropriate resources, manage the project in a uniquely professional and efficient manner and deliver the most suitable solution, fully aligned with the particularities of each application. We are a team of highly experienced and deeply dedicated professionals, field-oriented and cross-disciplined, to offer unique approaches to project scoping, logistics, and constructability.

We are also Practical, responsive, and invariably attentive to cost-effective solutions and aggressive schedules.

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