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Kaayoo Trading

Kaayoo Trading is an Ethiopian trading company incorporated in 2013 that provides high-quality imported reinforcement bar for sale in the Ethiopian market. We also provide various construction materials including marble and sanitary materials.

Kaayoo Trading

Its name in Oromiffa is literally translated as “target”, implying our good intent to serve all customers including construction companies, real estate developers, governmental organizations, public enterprises, private companies and individuals.

The company is located in the capital of Africa, in the country of Ethiopia, with offices and stores located in the USA, Djibouti, Berbera, and Addis Ababa (Wello Sefer area).

Kaayoo has come up with an expansion strategy to grow its paid-up capital to 45 million birr by increasing owner equity from all over the world, and by inviting two additional investors with years of experience and knowledge of the Ethiopian market. In a very short period of time, the company has managed to acquire rich and dependable experience in the Ethiopian market.

We have been involved with diversified actors in various business sectors, namely:

  • Construction companies
  • Real estate developers
  • Governmental organizations
  • Public enterprises
  • Private Companies
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