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Spectrum Engineering PLC

Spectrum Engineering PLC is established under Ethiopian Commercial Registration and Business License proc. No. 686/2010 and on the basis of Article 10 sub-article 4 of Telecommunication Proclamation No. 49/1996(as amended) to become the leading provider of engineering solutions in the different areas of telecommunications, electro-mechanical works, power systems and ICT. 

The company strives to build long and strong relationships with its customers by providing superior customer value through respecting contract delivery times, budget, and quality. Timely completion, high standard quality work and providing a safe working environment are the main pillars of a successfully executed project. We, at Spectrum Engineering PLC put these objectives before us once we start a Project.

Spectrum Engineering was established by a group of four electrical engineers with a combined experience of more than 45 years in the area of telecommunication, consisting of a highly experienced general manager and other young professionals who are ambitious, motivated and committed to delivering the highest level of quality services and values to our customers.

Our Vision

To become a leading Telecom and ICT contracting firm in Africa.

Our Mission

To support our customers and partners with reliable technologies and solutions in a professional manner to help them stay at the competitive edge of their businesses.

Our core values

  •  Transparency
  •  Innovation and Creativity
  •  Positive Thinking
  •  Professional approach
  •  Result-oriented thinking
  •  Team Cooperation
  •  Customer-focused Services
  •  Make a difference in technology

Our scope of work

  •  Design, Installation and Configuration of Wired and Wireless enterprise network Infrastructures.
  •  Installation and configuration of cellular network infrastructure.
  •  Microwave link planning, designing and implementing.
  •  Telecom Survey, Design and installation
  •  Network survey, planning, optimization and testing
  •  Project Management and supervision
  •  Tower and civil work design and construction
  •  VSAT, SMTV and other satellite communication infrastructures installation.
  •  VISP service (WISP, GPON)
  •  Building Electrical design & installation and Air Conditioner Installation.
  •  PABX installation and maintenance.
  •  Supply of different network devices and installation materials.
  •  Modular Datacenters design, installation and configurations.
  •  Solar Power system design, installation and commissioning
  •  CCTV, access control and other Security Systems supply, design, installation and configuration.
  •  Power Equipment Installation, commissioning and Maintenance such as Generators, UPS, ATS, and so on


  • ZTE TEP Projects
  • Implementation and commissioning of Educational Private cloud infrastructure and service project at Kombolcha site.
  • Installation and commissioning of DG and UPS for Net Art 
  • IMPLEMENTING A NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE AT SENDAFA PLANT for Mapple Distilleries ISP service in partnership with g2g Clarity (250+ customers)\ 4G_Power System and new site survey & Design (more than 50 sites)
  • A.A ET LTE layering project (30+ sites)
  • MSAN survey and Installation (20+ sites)
  • MSAG & MSAN Survey and Design (more than 250 sites)
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