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Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals Suppliers

Construction Chemicals are used for construction activities to strengthen bonding with concrete products for construction projects like building, bridges and other infrastructure. Chemicals are used in building materials for stronger bonding by almost all the construction companies. Construction chemicals plays a very important role in strengthening of construction materials and are put to great use in Ethiopia. Find below the list of construction chemical suppliers and companies in Ethiopia.

  • Ab-Ham Enterprise PLC
  • Acc Construction Chemicals
  • Afro Chemical & Steel PLC
  • Anchor Waterproofing Works
  • Broomar Chemicals PLC
  • CES General Trading PLC
  • Danko Waterproofing Work
  • Empire industrial Services PLC
  • Exsen Engineering PLC
  • FB General Trade and Industry PLC
  • Gast Solar Mechanics PLC
  • Lica PLC
  • Licon Manufacturing PLC
  • Locktight Construction Solution
  • Otex Engineering & Construction Chemicals PLC
  • Sets Water Proofing General Trading PLC
  • Sentoza Trading PLC
  • Supper Double T General Trading PLC
  • World Fiber Glass & Water Proofing
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