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1. The Sidama National Regional State, Irrigation Development Agency is interested in the procurement of work for which this Invitation for Bids is issued.

2. The Sidama National Regional State, Irrigation Development Agency invites wax-sealed bids from interested eligible & qualified bidders for the provision of:

  • Four Exploratory Test/Production Wells Drilling, Construction and Pumping Test around Hawassa Zuria area for Deep Groundwater Based Irrigation Project.

Interested eligible Grade one waterworks drilling constructions (WWDC) Bidders are invited to participate in this two lots(lot one & lot 2) Tender. The bidder shall provide Relevant Renewed Trade license, TIN, VAT, Current Tax Clearance, that enables the bidder to participate in bids and Suppliers’ Registration Certificates registered in Suppliers’ list for which this Invitation for Bids is issued.

3. A bidder will be selected using the nationally competitive bidding (NCB) method in accordance with the PPA, Procurement directive. The NCB process will include review and verification of qualification and past performance, including a reference cheek, prior to the contract award.

4. Please note that a pre-Bid conference will not be held as described in the bid data sheet (“BDS’), section III of the bidding document.

5. Interested eligible water works drilling constructions (WWDC) who has competence certificate from the concerned body renewed tread licensee, VAT and Tax payer registration certificates for the budget year can participate. A complete set of bidding document in English can be purchased by interested bidders during office hours from the address mentioned below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Eth. Birr 400.00 (Birr four Hundred) in cash.

6. All bidders are required to submit bid bond ETB 300,000.00 (three hundred Thousand Birr) in the form of Unconditional Bank Guarantee, or certified payment order (C.P.O) and must be submitted for 120 calendar days. The Submission of the bid Security shall be in Separate envelope final sealed in the outer envelope or in the Original Technical Proposal.

7. Bidders are required to bring both original and two copies of their bid document for technical and financial offer in separate sealed envelope as indicated in the instruction to bidders stated in clause ITC 24 and Bid data sheet.

8. The sealed bid documents shall be returned not later than the stated date and time in the tender document. Bidders shall follow the Instruction to bidders stated in clause ITC 24.

The dead line for the bid/RFP submission is at 8:00 afternoon local time (2:00 PM) on 21 continuous days including Saturday & Sunday starting from the announcement of the bid/RFP on national newspaper. The bid will be opened immediately their after 8:30 afternoon local time (2:30 PM) on the same date at presence of Consultants representatives, who choose to attend, at the address below. If 21 day is not working day; the bid will be opened next working day on aforementioned local time.

9. Bidders cannot participate in more than one lots.

10. The Sidama National Regional State, Irrigation Development Agency reserve the right to accept or reject part or all of the bidding process.

11. Interested & eligible bidders may obtain further information from the office of Sidama National Regional State Irrigation Development Agency

Hawassa St. Gabriel Church to SNNPR Health Bureau road in front of Hiwot Brehan church, Room number: 15 procurement and property administration Directorate.


The Sidama National Regional State, Irrigation Development Agency

The Ethiopian Herald: Tuesday, April 5, 2022 

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